Sabotage Elite offers expert training in parkour and functional movement. Our program caters to all age and gender groups enabling participants to engage with their natural biomechanical functions in a safe and monitored way.

Why Parkour?

Parkour, unlike many activities, allows you to challenge yourself without the cost of investing in specific equipment or facilities. Under the correct supervision or with enough experience and knowledge, the world is literally your playground.
Parkour activates and engages the most basic fundamental movement functions of the human body, which means through correct and mindful practice, you are able to develop latent abilities and improve existing ones. There is prominent mental component attached to parkour that helps develop one’s critical thinking capabillities by solving movement problems and increasing reaction skills. All this feeds into the underlying theme of parkour, Etre forte, pour etre utile, translated from French means Be strong to be useful.
Beyond just an extramural activity, parkour presents many career opportunities, Sabotage Elite itself is an example of that. Most of our members are full time film stunt performers and have worked on major Hollywood blockbusters, some of which are currently or soon to be in the box office.

What is Parkour?

Parkour is a human movement discipline aimed at equipping one with the physical skills and mental ability to engage with the world we live in safely and efficiently. It’s a functional skill that develops only natural abilities and helps one to be useful to themselves and others. Common portrayals of parkour can be seen in sensationalised media of individuals performing dangerous stunts across buildings, the true nature and origin of the sport is designed to increase safety and body awareness, just as martial arts are portrayed in exciting fight sequences, their true origin lies in their usefulness.



Classes are available in Cape Town and Pretoria with outdoor and indoor options. Contact us for direct enquiry and bookings.


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